October 06 - 15 Warsaw International Film Festival

Back in Hungary I found out that Warsaw has an international film festival in every October, so I thought even if things don't work out still there would be lots of movies to watch...
And things turned out fine here but still I went to see six films, all of them quite good. Here's a summary of the movies I've seen.

From the IMD picture gallery. www.imd.com
Little Miss Sunshine

One of the happiest movie I have ever seen. A family's impossible journey through the US to enter their 7 year old daughter in to the Little Miss Sunshine Beauty Pageant.

With amazing characters: a heroin addict grandfather, a brother-in-law who just tried to kill himself and is back from the hospital, a son who hates everybody and swore to never talk again, a husband who holds lectures on the "Nine Steps of Success", a worried wife, and of course the center of all attention: chubby but cute 7 year-old Olive.

Although a road-trip story like this could easily be dismissed as a cliche, this is not the case thanks to the careful writing and directing, just as well as to the perfect cast. The film is a subtle critique of the "American Dream" showing it from many different perspectives, showing it's downsides, but apparently justifying it's crucial role in the American society.


A french art-movie with beautiful shots from a fine-art-photography point of view. Unfortunately it is not enough to make a good film. I would rather call it a composition of exciting visual experiments then a movie. There is some kind of a story line but it gets lost.

The director was present at the movie theatre. Before the film started he warned us not to look for any meaning. Well, he was right. He also said that he would lock the doors of the theatre once the film starts: "It's mandatory to stay until the end" - he said laughing. Of course the audience laughed also but not closely as wild as when after 10 minutes of the film people realizing there really wasn't any story, got up and tried to leave and really bumped in to closed doors. They had to bang the doors from the inside. It was the best part of the evening...

Borat - Cultural Learnings of America

Well, what can I say? I almost fell out of the chaire in the cinema I was laughing so hard...